What Happened After This Rapper Went To Prison Is AMAZING

How 4 Years In Prison Changed Me

Prison is nothing like the movies.

How 4 Years In Prison Changed Me

Imagine waking up in the morning and not being able to make plans, not being able to just call a loved one. Having to wait for somebody else to let you have a shower. Imagine having your freedom stripped away from you…

Now some of you may relate, some of you may have spent some time inside in a mini version of life, restricted in everything but thought.

How You Spend Time In Prison

That’s what happens, because thought is pretty much your only freedom, you spend your whole time there thinking.

Thinking about the bad things you’ve done, the injustice you have been served. You think about how you would do things differently, the first thing you’re going to do when you get out.

Whilst you have company while you’re in there, you can’t trust anyone and deep down you know you are all alone.

I believe you find out who you really are when you’re alone. When you’re not doing things to please people, when you have to focus on your survival, that’s the real you underneath the world and your responsibilities.

How 4 Years In Prison Changed Me

For me, I had to be constructive. I couldn’t just sit there in silence and not do anything. So I started writing Poetry, my thoughts, my feelings, my life, my experiences and whilst it was something for me to do to pass the time I realized the value in it when I left.

Here I had this poetry book sitting there full of raw thought and emotion and I just knew that people would appreciate the artistry in it.

It’s not a typed up perfectly put together ebook, it’s still in handwriting form, it’s still got the same tone as when I first wrote it and I want you to have it for FREE 

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That I Wrote Whilst I Was In Prison

What Happened When I Left Prison?

Sometimes I feel like my life started when I left. I may have had a ton of baggage from my previous life but what I also had was an opportunity. With my new found freedom I had choices and decisions to make.

Do I move fast and end up back where I was or do I take my time to build something new, a new direction in my life with new problems like ‘How can i reach more people with my message?’ as opposed to ‘How do I avoid getting nicked and get away with this madness i’m about to do’.

I’m still the same person, it’s just how I express that differently. I’m a better person, I have better social skills, i’m better with computer, i’m better with people.

Now I want to turn what I went through into something that can inspire people who may or may not be on the same path I was that there is a bigger purpose to life. At that time I would never have imagined 10,000 plus views on multiple music videos, over 30,000 likes on my facebook page (BARE Jokez). I have a successful merchandising business and a deep connection with my supporters that money can’t buy!

I hope it can be a testament to people that look, life doesn’t end until it ends and we all have a chance for redemption. Whatever path you’re on now it can be as easy as changing your mind. Changing your mind is where it all starts!

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Love you all and until we speak again next time!

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– Jokez