How To Survive In Prison (5 Tips To Get Out And STAY Out)

How To Survive In Prison

,How To Survive In Prison (5 Tips To Get Out And STAY Out)

Maybe, you’re going through the court process or are just curious and wondering How To Survive In Prison. For all those who tread a fine line in life and feel it necessary to take risks, from time to time we have to spend some time in prison. Of course the best tip I can give, is avoid going to prison altogether but we all know life isn’t always that simple.

I personally spent close to 4 years in prison and let me tell you, it wasn’t easy. However these are 5 tips that helped me keep sane and got me through it.

1. Keep Your Mind Right.

How To Survive In Prison

How To Survive In Prison


It’s gonna be tough, it’s gonna grind at every bit of your soul. Everything you know as you know it is about to change but you need to remember you are the boss of your body. Every single decision you make from this moment is going to affect your time inside, so ‘Keep your mind right’ strength in prison isn’t always in muscle some of the smartest humblest prisoners that I ever met ended up good jobs inside, getting early releases and parole on time.

They kept their mind right and if I remember rightly, they didn’t even touch the weights just the odd bit of cardio to keep their body active.
You need your mind to be in the best place it can be to deal with all situations inside from the screws to the cons. With the right mindset and approach to situations your time can be very tolerable and you can get the rehabilitation you need to succeed when you are release. Having the wrong mind will end with you in trouble and then it’s going to be be a hard time.

2. There Is Light At The End Of The Tunnel

How To Survive In Prison

How To Survive In Prison

There is a light and I know it seems miles away but you need to be ready for it. The big day every prisoner dreams of and that is the day you go home. It’s never guaranteed you’re going home in prison if you don’t have number one nailed and thats real. It’s easy to lose it in there and ending up getting yourself added time.

I had 193 days total added time over all my sentences. A very good friend of mine got an additional 22 years for murdering 2 inmates because he couldn’t keep his mind right. From day one start being ready for release and preparing for whats next, don’t get stuck in the hole no pun intended.

If you plan every single day for your release, your chance of a successful rehabilitation is increased for sure. It will be harder to get sidetracked if you know you have a home, job, life on the outside when u get out.

3. Your Support Network

How To Survive In Prison

How To Survive In Prison

I just need to keep it real with you, the support from the outside world will make or break you!

Your real ones will shine and the so called ‘ones’ will fall. You need to be prepared for that so refer to number one. The ones that shine, be sure to keep regular contact with them, they will love to hear from you.

If you write every single day they won’t get fed up I promise, they love reading what you are doing and how you are getting on in a positive way to better yourself for them they will be proud of you. The ones that fall…you don’t need them, forget them as quick as they forget you and your time will be easier.

Now that might be your wifey, or your man. It’s happened to me so I know, its cuts deep but you need to let go. If you don’t it will affect number one for the duration.


4. Knowing The Ropes

How To Survive In Prison

How To Survive In Prison

If you don’t know the ropes stay off them. Have you ever heard that? Probably not, I literally just made it up but makes sense right?

When you go to prison there are rules, ones the screws make and ones the cons make. Learn them all before opening your mouth and saying the wrong thing that could end you up in alot of sh*t. Don’t take any shit. I’m not saying that but try to keep your mouth zipped until you get to know your surroundings.

If you can back your chat and you’re up for a hard time go for it run your mouth. I did, OK, yeah I managed to climb ranks through some outrageous actions that I’m not proud of. It also saw me serving extra time as well as spending over 6 months in segregation.

You don’t want that I promise you, refer to number one. Segregation will help you on the path to losing your mind quicker than you ever imagined, avoid it like the plague. Follow all the rules for a quick release break them for a long ride.


5. Expect Nothing

How To Survive In Prison

How To Survive In Prison

Expect nothing but your rights and you won’t be disappointed. You need to remember you are a criminal. The officers don’t have much time to prioritise your wants neither do they care about them. Your needs are their concern so be prepared for life to slow right down and move at their pace. Patience is key trust me.

If you show you are keen to learn or enrol in courses, you will be noticed as a prisoner that is trying to reform. Some officers may take a liking to you and see you are rehabilitated as best as possible for release.

These courses can sometimes take weeks or even months. Just hold out and show willingness and you will do okay. One tiny tip to top that off. You generally go to prison alone and you will leave alone. Choose your associates and your enemies wisely and get your ass home safe.

How To Survive In Prison

Now when it comes to knowing How To Survive In Prison it may be easier said than done. To be honest there’s no easy way around spending hard time. These tips however are the fundamentals that got me through my time.

Whilst I was in there I wrote a poetry book. When I was released I put it together into a downloadable ebook which I want you to have. You can get it for FREE by filling in your name and email below.

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