Had these lyrics rushing my head so I write em down Chilling in my living room the only time I’m sitting down my kids are missing out cos I run a business now daddies gotta work all time that’s why daddies not around I know I promised dan id never be a victim of this system But it was either that little man or daddy goes prison That would kill him to leave you on a visit to watch you grow in pictures to leave you wit your sister without a father figure Just to think of it I miss ya I don’t wanna be without ya But I’m working every hour using every bit of power Every bit of will every bit of pain everything I feel Trying to keep it real trying to pay the bills tryin to raise you well even if it kills yes I will I will do it I would do it still I would go to hell to give you and Emily the world, I would do it Dan for my little man and my little girl. I ain’t gonna do it how my father did it I admit it I could kill him, I was dying in that building he was chasing other women, I was barely fucking breathing, didn’t even come to see me, I’m supposed to be his baby fuck, I wasn’t even teething. I was ill mama seen it, I was screaming, you had wheels but was cheating, told my mum to leave it said she’s being stupid, I’m so glad she never listened or he would have got his wishes, that abortion at the clinic, but my mother never did it. So I gotta do it different, it’s a life I’ve not considered, but to see a life delivered, and to know its mine for ever That’s a moment I will treasure, yeah the 15th of December, seen the birth of my successor, now when me n him together, that’s a love u cannot measure, I’m a dad not just a father, I’d go mad without my daughter, or if anybody harmed her, I’m responsible for karma, yeah I would give my life up, sign me up to be a lifer, Ive already made my my mind up, I’ll protect her like shes china try to always be beside her but I’m working every hour that’s a lot of time without her. I don’t wanna hear about her I deserve to be around her I’m her father and I love her but a grafter & a worker. Working hard then working harder put in work until it’s working I aint perfect but I’m certain that I’m working cos they’re worth it Now I’m here to serve a purpose, got my kids to teach, they’re learning Growing quick & don’t like it cos I’m missing them be perfect Should I become an alcoholic yet and claim I’m sick Or turn into a jagger just to claim the benefits I’d be clucking all the time, living my life on that script I’d be fucking out my mind buts that’s more time with my kids Now I’m just living in this world where I’m just living to work but I aint getting any younger, close to leaving this earth Nah my body clock ain’t stopping turn a second hand to profit gonna turn my time to money then I’ll leave what I earn