I can live with either so it’s cool, you decide lol. This was a crazy experience & with a really creative outcome, so a little bit of both, to be honest haha. I’ve always had the idea for the tattoo but never found an artist good I felt was good enough for the job and that’s the realness. It took me around a month of mental preparation and artist searching then I found Dan Anderton of Custom Tattoo Hall Of Fame in Edinburgh and boom… It was time

7 YEARS OUTro Music Video

I was just going to stream it live for my troops to lock in then I rang up WAVVY Music’s Konz to see if he was up for shooting it as part of a music video.. and the rest is history in the making with the music video now ready for release for you all on my youtube channel so be sure to subscribed so you get your notification here >>> BARE JOKEZ YOUTUBE  or if your subbed to my mailing list it will be in the post real soon …

Pain rating 99/10

Yep before you ask it hurt… a lot lol. I knew it would and that’s why I wanted to do it more than anything. This was way more than just a tattoo or music video for me it was a way of leveling up. Now as you know I’ve been through a lot and I’ve tested myself and my body to every imaginable pain limit there is from the physical to the emotional and always came out stronger and for me, this was the cherry on the top. The ultimate test of personal pain endurance across the full spectrum.


This tattoo marks a massive milestone for me in my life. Between the ages of 13 & 21 I spent approximately 6.5 years in prison. In and out in and out the story looped endlessly with me released at most 4 months before going back in  again. It has now been 7 years.. 3 mixtapes.. 3 years at college.. 2 year work placement, a underground music venue/ music recording studio, clothes shop, mini bus company and my beautiful children. Using the bear as my totem to help guide me throughout. On the one hand, we get a picture of tranquility with the bear, and on the other, it’s a symbol for warrior and power and I can relate to this animal in so many ways its unreal. This is why It felt so right to me to have this done and now a massive part of my life. Peace, Duality, Bravery, Powerful, parenthood, Benevolence, Sovereignty & Resurrection… The bear in me