B.A.R.E JokeZ A.K.A The Crazy Creative is a 30-year-old innovative rap artist that brings ambiance mixed with hip hop, lyrical savagery and real talk on societies problems and forgotten souls to the UK music scene, from storytelling dynamic flows to hard bars and catchy anthems that light up any arena.

He is also a producer, mentor & artist manager working independently fulfilling his dream.

B.A.R.E JokeZ comes from a mixed background, his mother’s bloodline is Scottish and his fathers from the Caribbean.  He was raised in south London or as he says “thrown up” in a broken home surrounded by drug & alcohol abuse daily as well as extreme violence not just at home between his parents but right on his doorstep too.  His mind was corrupted by the world he lived in and he slowly spiraled out of control at a young age.

When B.A.R.E JokeZ was 13 the most horrifying & life changing experience happened to him which no one really knows if he will ever fully recover from. He snuck out the house when his mum was in bed to go hang out with some friends, ended up bumping into a girl he knew that was 18 and went and went to a party with her instead…. He ended up being stabbed 23 times & left for dead with a knife plunged through his hand into a bench so he couldn’t move. His throat had been badly cut and there was so much blood that the paramedics initially thought he had been decapitated, 14 wounds to his back, 4 to the chest, 3 in the neck and 3 to his legs….


God only knows how he survived, but what we do know is a massive part of him died that night, he would never be that same little boy ever again. He was taken into care immediately when he was released from hospital, which really messed his head up even more making him grow numb to emotions & feelings; fear, pain, & most importantly love & trust.

He lost respect for everything and everyone around him and forgot how to dream through the nightmares, forgot how to control himself, went off the rails and became an extremely violent & aggressive young man which later resulted in him spending every single birthday of his teen years incarcerated in & out, in & out, in & out the story looped From petty car theft to dealing drugs, possession of firearms and armed robberies. His latest sentence totaled 6 years for assault kidnap & robbery which seen him released in November 2008.. for the last time, he’s never been back.

Jokez found escape in poetry it was all he would ever do when doing his time inside, non-stop. If he was allowed a pen he would write continuously just a stream of words that painted some of the most amazing pictures the mind could vision…real raw pain,his way of expressing his emotions, the only way he knew how without being violent or aggressive, hence the reason he sometimes lost his privileges to use pens as to B.ARE JokeZ sometimes they made much better use as weapons.

When he was 19 he was finally diagnosed with PTSD, ADHD & paranoid schizophrenia and got the help he needed to get his life on track and grow up. Upon release 3 months after his 21st birthday he was very institutionalized and stayed in 1 room for a long time and I mean months until he was ready to face the world again but now he was ready to reclaim everything he had just lost in his teen years and has worked like a boss everyday to achieve this. 6 months out, he had a fulltime job in a recycling factory – 18 months out – Started college Music Production Course – 5 years out, started and still working self-employed within music – 7 years out, here now to tell the story… in his own words and put good use to the poetry and lyrics constantly rushing through his mind.

In 2013/14 When at college using the skills he had learned he released a self produced 20 track mix tape called Satan’s Angel with tracks like ‘When I Needed You Most’ ‘The Way The Game Goes’ & ‘Unforgettable Images’, all stories that he stills uses to reflect on and monitor his progress. Jokez then followed that up in 2014/15 with another self-produced 10-track mix tape called Just an Opinion this time upping his game and collaborating with many artists across the world including Daniel Zavaro, Spence Mills, Girobuster, The JB Kid & Z-Ro on tracks including ‘Death of Music’ ‘Change You’ ‘I Hate You’ & ‘Out of Sight’. After taking some time off from writing and production to gig and do shows across the UK he hit the pad again this year just release another mixtape titled XIII (13). The global support on this last one has been unreal and seen his facebook page soar to over 30,000 likes and video views to over 100,000.

This year B.A.R.E JokeZ is working closely with Wavvy Music’s Konz to bring visuals to every track from the mixtape with the aim to get them on SBTV. So expect big things from this inspirational characterer for sure especially with his main goal this year is to hit the festival circuit in a full UK tour.

He says “With every track I released on this one I aimed to be the person who touches the lives and hearts of people that listen… It makes me feel successful & real good inside to be a positive light to others & either inspire them or put smiles on their faces… cos at the end of the day it’s not what I say that matters it’s how I make them feel that will stay in their memories forever”.