B.A.R.E JokeZ – There Flo Goes ‘Music Artist Blog’ On The Vini Vegas Show (TEXAS, USA)

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Who is B.A.R.E JokeZ?

Born.Again.Reclaiming.Everything. JokeZ reintroduced himself to Scotland, UK by changing his rap name from “Joker” to “B.A.R.E JokeZ”.

What does B.A.R.E stand for?

A few years ago going by the rap name “Joker”, B.A.R.E JokeZ missed out on a major performing opportunity at the peak of his musical career. During that time, a lot of rap artists went by the same artist name resulting in a mix up with the booking agency. Another artist got the chance to perform at the event and left JokeZ feeling like he was back at square one.

Before that tragic experience, music was just a hobby to JokeZ. After that major turning point, he became serious about the business and wanted to make a change to prevent future some similar situations. B.A.R.E JokeZ decided to change his music artist name. He wanted to be original and incorporate that experience with his spiritual animal, a bear. (Watch him get a bear tattooed on his head in his latest music video >>> ‘7 Years OUTro’ <<<)


In London, the word “bare jokes” also means funny, fitting perfectly with JokeZ’s characteristics. Feeling like he was now born again into music, he goes by B.A.R.E JokeZ, as he is Born Again Reclaiming Everything! It has been around 2 to 3 years since the name change and B.A.R.E JokeZ’s fan base has rapidly increased. B.A.R.E JokeZ has over 30,000 followers, including fans in Scotland, London, and the United States. He has now made music his full-time pursuit.

In The Beginning

B.A.R.E JokeZ started doing poetry at 13 years old while being incarcerated in London. Throughout his childhood, B.A.R.E JokeZ was in-and-out of prison from the age 13 to 21, ironically spending each birthday behind bars. While incarcerated, B.A.R.E JokeZ received advice from his best friend/brother named Darrell to put his words to a beat. After doing so, and receiving positive feedback, B.A.R.E JokeZ was convinced to pursue music. After finding out one day in prison that Darrell was murdered, B.A.R.E JokeZ decided to dedicate his time to succeed. Not only is there a picture of Darrell in the booth when B.A.R.E JokeZ goes to record his songs, he believes that as long as he is rapping, he will stay connected to Darrell through the energy in his music.

Starting With “Coming-Out-Of-Jail-Money”

It was not easy starting out with “coming-out-of-jail-money”. With studio time being £60 an hour, B.A.R.E JokeZ had to grind if he wanted to make it. He got a job and started to save his money. He enrolled into college to study music, while at the same time, slowly building studio equipment to become his own producer.

Now, B.A.R E JokeZ makes his own beats and writes his own rhymes. Music keeps B.A.R.E JokeZ out of trouble and gives life a meaning. Music is his escape. He would like to be considered an inspirational character like Notorious B.I.G and 2Pac. He listens to Snoop Dogg, as well as, his favorite rapper Eminem for inspiration to do what he does. Another favorite is UK Music Artist Bugzy Malone, who lyrically puts together his words to tell a story in his songs.

B.A.R.E JokeZ - There Flo Goes 'Music Artist Blog' On The Vini Vegas Show (TEXAS, USA)Show Time Nerves…

When it comes to being nervous before a show, B.A.R.E JokeZ does not believe that only beginners get nervous. “Deep down, even if you are the biggest artist, you are going to get nervous,” he says. “When your nerves are kicking in, that means you are doing something that means something to you. Get up there and do the job on stage. Look at the crowd and smile! Give it all that you got. Do what you have practiced and just keep going. Even if you mess up, just do a little freestyle to get back on track. The crowd will be singing your songs anyway if they came to see you. If you’re doing a new song and you mess up, the crowd will be forgiving. If you’re messing up a lot, then you’re just not ready”.

B.A.R.E JokeZ - There Flo Goes 'Music Artist Blog' On The Vini Vegas Show (TEXAS, USA)Music & Life… The Balance

Music is his full life. When it is family time, however, all systems go down. No social media and his kids have his undivided attention. Since he has a good relationship with his children’s mother, he is happy and does not have time for a relationship. He does not make time for friends or partying. He does not drink alcohol and is 100% focused on becoming successful. B.A.R.E JokeZ is proud of it all. Just to be able to make music, he is proud of himself and the path that he chose. He is most proud to know that people are listening and changing their lives, just like music saved his life. He says that “selling CDs brought proud moments, but inspiring people means more. It’s life changing.” B.A.R.E JokeZ gets a little bit more personal during the interview. He shares his childhood and how he had to learn how to fight. Growing up around violence, drugs, and alcohol, he had it really tough. Although his parents did the best that they could, they made some bad choices and some poor decisions along the way. He does not regret his past because those choices led him down the path that he is on today. “If these things didn’t happen”, he says “I wouldn’t be able to write the music that I create”.

B.A.R.E JokeZ - There Flo Goes 'Music Artist Blog' On The Vini Vegas Show (TEXAS, USA)What’s Next?

What’s Next For B.A.R.E JokeZ? Stay tuned for more stories and more videos. Also, a United Kingdom tour, european tour and World Tour in the next 2 years. Follow the brand and merch “B.A.R.E JokeZ” and visit the website below…


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Listen To B.A.R.E JokeZ “A Kid Named Danny” Below


LET IT FLOW: “Immediately listening to this spoken word I realize that s*** was about to get real. I was in silence listening to the poem as it put me in BARE Jokez’s shoes. As serious as it was, some parts I could relate! AND… THERE FLO GOES!”